Advertising. Itching the spot no other job can reach.

Advertising has got to be one of the greatest ways to make a living. The pace is frantic, deadlines often looming, and the landscape ever changing. Over the last two decades technology has revolutionized the way we work, think, create and communicate. One thing hasn’t changed at all however.

That one thing that gets me out of bed in the morning – and keeps me focused during occasional midnight-oil burning. The coolest thing about this business is meeting a new client. After nineteen years and hundreds of these introductions it’s still exciting. It’s more than just meeting new people – it’s meeting new challenges. By its very nature – advertising is an intimate process. We collectively peer into the strengths, weakness, the very core of unique companies and industries, challenge the status quo, and navigate towards a new goal guided by specific strategy and planning. Some come to us for subtle tweaks, and casual guidance – others for complete go-to-market strategies and execution.

On rare occasions, we’re able to engage with a client at the very inception of a product launch. This can be personally rewarding even working in traditional and established markets. Having the opportunity to work on a project that will redefine an industry is truly special. Q1 2011 marks one of these special opportunities. Enter our new client – Compass Institutional Marketing. CIM is a perfect fit for Merit Mile. Their unique needs are well matched with the talents and work experiences of our team. They are a smart, nimble, and aggressive company that has created steady organic growth by delivering value and quality services to the institutional investment community.

With the launch of their new product, ProFusion, Compass Institutional will redefine the benchmark of performance in their industry – it’s been our pleasure to help televise this revolution. Here is a sneak peek at the pre-launch site design for This Web 2.0 friendly site quickly and effectively communicates the product benefits – and continues to support the larger corporate goals. After weeks of research, plans, rationale, and creative discovery – we will be launching a consumer site for CIM featuring their newly branded product. We’ve also been sourced to modify the User Interface of ProFusion, guided by two principle goals: 1. Improved user experience 2. Strategic support of the product and corporate brand Stay tuned in Q2 and beyond as we switch our energies from strategic to tactical. We’ll soon be defining and delivering supporting collateral to truly get this revolution started.