Adopting Flexibility as a Strategy

The world’s not a perfect place. Unexpected challenges pop up all of the time. In Marketing, paralysis can be a natural reaction to these hurdles. Fear of making mistakes often replaces our courage to attack these problems head-on. It shouldn’t.

A flexible approach allows you to react to challenges now, while building a strong strategic foundation for the future. Penn-Florida Companies specializes in commercial real estate and private club management, and they selected Merit Mile to help rebrand and communicate the significant renovations that are occurring at Boca’s newest private club, Via Mizner Golf and Country Club – formally the Country Club at Boca Raton.

This renovated facility will be a crown jewel in the heart of Boca Raton for members that have true passion for the game of golf. Change like this doesn’t happen over night. Financing, budgets, and community planning can take months – but we needed to communicate this reinvention of tradition and luxury to the community immediately. As such, we started with subtle brandmark refinements, and moved quickly onto collateral development.

Atop our list was the creation of a “mini-brochure” and the design of an integrated direct mail campaign. Of course, no collateral system would be complete without a web presence and we were happy to launch the initial redesign of Via Mizner Golf and Country Club just a few weeks ago. Flexibility is needed in life… and in marketing. Stay tuned for more announcements from Merit Mile and Penn-Florida in the coming months.