Achieve Online Training Goals with Rewards

Many companies set up online training modules to train employees, vendors and/or resellers. These online systems, custom or off-the-shelf, prove to be a much more cost effective option compared with staffing trainers, or designing, printing and mailing detailed training brochures, which may not get read. While working for Norwegian Cruise Line, I managed the set up of an online training system for travel agents.

The goal was to teach these cruise resellers about the new cruises, new ships and new programs offered each year. With the proper knowledge the travel agents could do a better job at reselling the hundreds of different cruises that the line was offering. During the first year a rewards system was implemented to increase participation. An online quiz system was also put in place to encourage memorization of the necessary details that the sales force would need.

The first reward system involved cash rewards that were fulfilled through a gift card fulfillment system. This turned out to be the way to achieve our training goals. In subsequent years, goals were raised and we explored options for complex point systems, ranging from off-the-shelf to customized. While the off-the-shelf options offered quick implementation, they lacked the integration we needed with the training modules and sales databases.

When making decisions on the right training system and rewards system, it can be tough to find the perfect match with program schedules and budgets. Navigating through this discovery process to find the systems and vendors that are right for your project is the first objective. Check back for subsequent online training blog entries on discovery, execution and measurement.