A Worthy Cause, An Impressive Site

On the pro bono front, Merit Mile has teamed with 9PickUp.com and Aid to Victims of Domestic Abuse to redesign and launch their new web presence. Aid to Victims of Domestic Abuse, otherwise known as AVDA, is a nonprofit organization that promotes violence-free relationships and social change by offering alternative choices to end violence and domestic abuse and provides assistance to victims of domestic abuse. AVDA collects household, tax deductible donations through AVDA Home Pickup Service—a fleet of trucks that are dispatched daily throughout the local Boca Raton and Delray Beach areas. The original Home Pickup site was published over 10 years ago and had not been updated for content, design or technical functionality in many years. Merit Mile has completely redesigned, reprogrammed, and relaunched the AVDA Home Pickup Service website located at 9PickUp.com.

The new 9PickUp.com now has a fresh look and feel, including branding that complements the design on their fleet of trucks that are often seen throughout the community. In effect, donors can easily make the connection between the website and the trucks, making recall and brand awareness much more effective. The site presents information about Home Pickup Service and AVDA in a simple, user friendly manner and offers an online appointment setting function allowing visitors to schedule a pickup in a just a few clicks. This functionality also includes a smart scheduling feature allowing the site administrator to time and date stamp all appointments for efficient scheduling and dispatching. The new 9PickUp.com was created using WordPress on Windows. Designing the site using WordPress offers 9PickUp.com easy SEO indexing among all prominent browsers and provides them with ultimate flexibility and extensibility for their current and future web requirements.

Merit Mile is dedicated to supporting our local community through projects like these and we are proud to support the AVDA charitable mission. To view the new site and schedule a pickup, please go to 9PickUp.com today.