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Microsoft SPLA

Since 2007, Merit Mile has launched hundreds of uniquely crafted Microsoft Services Provider Licensing Agreement (Microsoft SPLA) and cloud services marketing programs for global ISVs, Resellers, Distributors and Hosters / Service Providers. Our deep understanding of the licensing rules and user rights of SPLA enables us to create compelling and persuasive marketing campaigns to help attract new channel partners to your SPLA resell or new customers to your hosting services business.

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SPLA Resellers

As a Microsoft SPLA Reseller, do you have a reliable hoster / service provider recruitment strategy? Are you maximizing performance incentives and executing against a business plan?

We can help you –

  • Clearly define your SPLA reseller value message and business differentiators.
  • Custom design and develop partner and customer readiness portals, tools, and resources.
  • Generate more qualified leads with partner recruitment programs using tested and proven practices.
Microsoft SPLA

SPLA Service Providers

As a Microsoft SPLA hoster / service provider, do you have a reliable demand generation strategy? Does your brand have cloud awareness in your marketplace? Is your team equipped to sell SPLA? Are you aware of all the licensing requirements? Is your business growing and are you profitable?

We can help you –

  • Strategically define your service value proposition and clearly distinguish your hosted offerings.
  • Drive customer demand with persuasive lead generation and content marketing strategies.
  • Shorten the sales cycle with tools and sales techniques that drive the customer conversation.
Microsoft SPLA

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