Your brand is a story unfolding across all customer touch points. is the world’s largest automotive lease marketplace and the pioneer of facilitating lease transfers online, as evidenced by the company’s patented processes. Conceptualized in 1997, it has evolved into a leading automotive consumer online destination servicing all aspects of the automotive leasing lifecycle including education, research, pricing, acquisition and lease transfer.


Since 1997 there have been effectively zero changes in how the lease marketplace functions. This lack of freshness translated to a lack of buzz and low consumer awareness. Dealership participation suffered and inventories of available cars in the marketplace were reduced. Merit Mile’s challenge was clear: reinvigorate the lease transfer category while strengthening the leadership position.


Merit Mile created an integrated Public Relations program guided by research and a messaging framework. A steady blend of trend-based, and creative story angles were used to increase share of voice in the marketplace and elevate Swap-a-lease as expert on the automotive leasing industry.


With over $3 billion of vehicles listed, is now the largest automotive lease marketplace. Millions of buyers and sellers visit each year to acquire, sell, and trade leased automobiles driven mainly by editorial pick-ups in mainstream media, as well as highly targeted automotive outlets.

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  • Continuous Market & Category Research
  • Ongoing Story Angle Ideation
  • Messaging, Strategy & Positioning
  • Content Marketing
  • Editorial & Media Relations
  • Media Training & Media Tours

"Storytelling reveals meaningful truths, and truth sells"

"A fresh start can recharge a stale marketplace"