Out of intense complexities, intense simplicities emerge -W. Churchill

SoftNAS simplifies the challenges businesses face when moving data and applications to the cloud.

Whether the cloud environment is Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, Veeam or VMware, SoftNAS connects applications and data to the cloud, acting as a high-speed data on-ramp.

With SoftNAS Cloud®, a cloud-native solution for controlling and managing virtually any type of data, SoftNAS provides the ability to rapidly configure and customize cloud data storage environments, project by project, for optimal price and performance.


How do you simplify a complex solution laden with technical specifications, proprietary features, and an alphabet soup of data protocol acronyms?

SoftNAS was changing how businesses moved and controlled cloud data but explaining what and how they did it was easier said than done. When SoftNAS first approached Merit Mile, their website and digital collateral was packed full of technical speeds and feeds – perfect for deeply entrenched cloud architects and data scientists – but what about the less cloud-mature customers? SoftNAS needed a top to bottom reset on their messaging, branding, and marketing funnel to reach new customers, align with everyday use cases, and demonstrate the potential costs savings.


Merit Mile began with an extensive series of subject matter expert interviews, which laid the foundation for an official SoftNAS messaging and positioning framework. In parallel, a branding exploration yielded a new corporate brand identity guide, complete with logo usage, color palettes, fonts, artwork styles, and an image library.

With creative and messaging tools in hand, Merit Mile designed a new website
intended to:

  • Quickly articulate the core SoftNAS value proposition in everyday terms
  • Enable visitors to easily self-select their path by professional roles or use cases
  • Increase lead capture opportunities with gated content, trials, and a cost savings calculator


The website launch was complemented with a dramatic and captivating corporate video along with new brochures, datasheets, and presentations. One of the biggest customer benefits of SoftNAS Cloud are the cloud storage cost savings. To make these savings tangible, Merit Mile custom developed the business logic and algorithms behind SoftNAS® SmartTiers™, and then designed an interactive, mobile responsive calculator.

Since the launch SoftNAS is now driving more leads and accelerating the sales cycle through the website and calculator. Site traffic is up by over 15%, and marketing qualified leads through the calculator and free trial have increased by 8%.



  • Brand and style guide
  • Messaging and positioning framework
  • Website redesign and SEO optimization
  • Corporate video
  • Corporate presentations and brochures
  • Web-based cost savings calculator
  • Content templates for PPT, DOC, PDF
  • Digital templates for emails, newsletters, and blogs

"Complex solutions begin as
simple conversations, let's talk."