Standing out in an industry of blending in

Quackskins is a South Florida-based company that produces a camouflage lineup designed to disappear in bright green cattails, sawgrass, and bulrush found in warm climates or during early Teal season. This purpose-built camo pattern is specifically designed for waterfowl hunters in the warm southern reaches of the migration – the wetlands of South Florida, coastal marshes of the Gulf, the southern Pacific Flyway, and beyond.

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Camouflage patterns offered by the established mega-brands and big-box stores don’t provide appropriate concealment for southern environments – and hunters aren’t aware of options specifically suited for warm climates. Quackskins needed to address branding and awareness challenges by creating the proper platform to promote their outerwear to a highly targeted audience.


  1. Design a modern, engaging, and mobile-friendly website to tell the Quackskins story with visual cues and compelling content
  2. Give Quackskins a professional and competitive edge
  3. Appeal the Quackskins brand to a broader geographic audience


The new website was launched at the Florida Sportsman Expo in Tampa, Florida. Feedback from fellow hunters has been excellent and online sales are up by 50% since the launch.

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"Site traffic, sales, and social media chatter have all gone up since we launched. I’m excited to use the new website as a platform for growth"

Alex Pomareda, Quackskins Founder


  • Messaging and positioning
  • Website Design
  • Copywriting
  • Photography
  • Google AdWords campaign

"Quackskins was born out of the need to blend in better"