Direct to buyer medical device sales for an omnichannel customer experience

LifeSync partners with health systems, medical practices, and device manufacturers to improve healthcare with superior cardiac and neurological monitoring and diagnostics. As the industry’s only vertically integrated manufacturer, LifeSync can improve the entire supply chain from product design and development through to fulfillment and inventory management. Direct online sales represent a strategic area of growth.


The neurodiagnostic and neuromonitoring division – LifeSync Neuro – needed to improve the eCommerce customer experience. A legacy platform was in place, but it lacked a modern shopping experience, wasn’t mobile friendly, and provided operations teams with limited insights. The visual identity of the online store was also generations behind a new LifeSync brand, designed by Merit Mile.

With over 200 SKUs in the product inventory and hundreds of active customer accounts, LifeSync required a seamless, no-impact migration. The new eCommerce site had to be ready to receive and route orders into the supply chain on day one.




Merit Mile began by interviewing key stakeholders including IT, customer support, product managers, and customers about the current and desired customer experience. Business and technical requirements for the site were then developed, including a solution for migrating existing product and customer information from the original Yahoo eCommerce store to BigCommerce.

Merit Mile vetted Shopify and Magento, but ultimately selected BigCommerce as the platform best suited for LifeSync’s business and technical requirements. Combined with a GatsbyJS frontend, the site provided a fast user experience and an upgraded backend management and inventory interface.

The Merit Mile creative team brought brand consistency between the online store and, creating an omnichannel customer experience. To showcase the precision, detail, and quality of materials, Merit Mile staged a photoshoot of over 50 products, bringing visual richness and consistency to product photography.

During the migration, Merit Mile reorganized products into logical categories with new descriptions and technical details, improving the shopping and search experience. The backend shipping management, which was previously done manually, was updated with accurate shipping weights and dimensions for real-time shipping calculations at checkout.


After extensive quality assurance and testing by Merit Mile and LifeSync, the eCommerce site went live with no impacts to online orders or the supply chain. Ahead of the launch, existing customers were introduced to the new online store, so they were prepared for the change. When COVID-19 brought a halt to in-person sales, LifeSync was ready to meet increased market demand. The new site made it faster and easier for healthcare providers to check inventory, refill urgent supplies, and track shipments—all with a touchless online experience.



  • Brand identity and messaging
  • eCommerce design and development
  • Website visual design and development
  • Product photography and graphic design
  • Product management and optimization
  • Sales and marketing collateral
  • Demand generation campaigns



  • BigCommerce
  • GatsbyJS
  • ShipperHQ
  • Cart2Cart migration
  • Braintree

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