Iridium grabs consumers' attention with an inspiring advertising campaign that takes you to the far reaches of the globe.

Iridium is a global satellite communications company that provides access to voice and data services anywhere in the world. Their network of satellites, connecting both far-reaching and local areas, enables people and devices to stay connected from anywhere on the globe. With a strong history in personal communications, Iridium has developed a range of products, from the original satellite phone, to the first-ever truly global push-to-talk handsets, to their current day partnership with Space X, and to their newest personal device, Iridium GO! exec.



Iridium sought the help of Merit Mile to overcome the challenge of developing a series of Iridium GO! exec advertising campaigns that would appeal to four distinct buyer personas. These included NGO workers, humanitarians, and field researchers; remote and field industry technicians and operators; private aviation and luxury yacht owners and operators; and off-the-grid business professionals and executives.

The campaigns had to connect with each of these distinct groups while also presenting a unified look and feel across various digital publications and print formats. Developing a cohesive strategy that could resonate with such diverse audiences was no small feat for Merit Mile, requiring both a creative and strategic approach.


Merit Mile started by developing a creative brief and messaging framework, which are our foundation for all projects. These steps provide a single point of truth for writers and designers, ensuring every creative direction and messaging approach stays aligned with the client’s goals.

Next, the creative team spent time collecting inspiration and ideating in different directions, resulting in over a dozen campaign ideas. Our team selected six concepts to refine into full campaigns, ranging from serious and mission-critical to playful and inspiring. Each concept was designed to connect with Iridium’s diverse buyer personas, ensuring that the campaigns would resonate with all four distinct groups.


After presenting Iridium with six concepts, the company had a tough decision to make. So tough that they choose three, rather than one concept to move forward with. Merit Mile then refined each of the campaigns for their respective placement in print and digital advertising, which included Outside Magazine, The Robb Report, and AOPA Pilot (Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association).

To further boost the impact of the campaigns, Merit Mile proposed a series of short video ads that were optimized for social media, allowing Iridium to reach a wider audience. In addition to Iridium’s efforts on external platforms, Merit Mile ensured that each campaign tied back to Iridium's website with matching creative for the Iridium GO! exec product pages. These strategic moves not only drove more traffic to the site but helped to reinforce the brand and the campaigns across all touchpoints.

Merit Mile's approach to the Iridium campaign resulted in a successful advertising campaign that resonated with all four buyer personas. By using the creative brief as a guiding tool and taking the time to explore various creative and messaging approaches, the agency was able to provide Iridium with a series of cohesive and effective campaigns that delivered impressive results.

Iridium Creative
Iridium Creative 1
Iridium Creative 3


  • Creative brief
  • Messaging framework
  • Six campaign creative concepts
  • Three final campaigns for production
  • Video ads
  • Print ads
  • Digital display ads
  • Website creative, copy, and hero images
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