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Genzeon, an established technology solutions company for the healthcare and retail industries, had recently become a Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) within the Microsoft AI Cloud Partner Program; formerly known as the Microsoft Partner Network. This strategic decision was designed to expand the services and solutions they offered. However, their sellers were unfamiliar with selling Microsoft AI and Azure services, and they needed help positioning and demonstrating the relevance and integration of their existing portfolio.

Challenges & Opportinities

Despite having been in business since 2010 with an existing expertise in custom application development, data, and automation solutions within healthcare and retail, the introduction of AI and Azure services and solutions was unfamiliar territory for the Genzeon sales team. For many, they were venturing into AI and Azure solutions for the first time.

With Merit Mile's extensive experience as a Microsoft partner-focused channel marketing and sales enablement team dating back to 2007, Genzeon sought our expertise to navigate these challenges and leverage our proven track record in launching new partner programs, creating impactful sales enablement programs, and running partner demand generation campaigns.

Merit Mile was enlisted to address three critical needs. First, we needed to redefine Genzeon's value proposition as a Microsoft partner and clearly articulate their unique differentiators in the context of AI and Azure services. Secondly, the sales team required comprehensive education and enablement on what it meant to be a Microsoft partner, understanding new opportunities and use cases, and how to identify buying groups within their existing accounts. The final challenge involved equipping the sales team with the skills to effectively lead customer meetings armed with this newfound knowledge.

Challenges & Opportunities


To empower the Genzeon sales team for success in their new venture with Azure solutions, Merit Mile started by laying the foundation for their messaging, positioning, and value proposition as a Microsoft AI Cloud partner. This involved in-depth engagements such as one-on-one and group interviews with key stakeholders within Genzeon, including sales leaders, individual sellers, marketing, product managers, and the leadership team. Through these interactions, Merit Mile gained profound insights into the Genzeon story, their current offerings, and their vision as a Microsoft partner, allowing us to modernize Genzeon’s voice, personality, and differentiated position in the marketplace.

Genzeon Solutions

Leveraging over 15 years of extensive experience and familiarity with Microsoft partners and solutions, we bridged the gap between Genzeon's existing strengths and offerings and the integration of new Azure solutions. The outcome of this collaborative effort was the development of a robust messaging and positioning framework. This framework served as the cornerstone for creating both internal sales enablement content and external customer-facing materials. By aligning Genzeon's current strengths with the potential of Azure solutions, Merit Mile successfully established a cohesive foundation that would guide the sales team in effectively communicating their value proposition as a Microsoft AI Cloud Partner.

Genzeon Results


Merit Mile's collaboration with Genzeon produced impactful results through the development of key sales enablement deliverables.

First, we created a comprehensive selling and positioning guide designed to equip Genzeon sellers with the knowledge and tools essential for their transition into Azure solutions. This guide included an understanding of the market landscape, the reasons behind Genzeon's decision to become a Microsoft partner, and the new value proposition and messaging. We introduced distinctive and memorable descriptors, such as "automation aficionados," "value miners," and "rapid innovators," highlighting Genzeon's unique differentiators. The guide also detailed their top use cases in healthcare and retail, along with guidance on target customers, personas, opportunity identification, creating customer empathy, and a competitive SWAT assessment. The sales team was also equipped with a handy sales reference card for quick access and a pre-meeting refresher.

Next, we designed a customer presentation and solution brief, crafted from the messaging framework, carrying the narrative forward in terms resonant with customers. To reinforce these deliverables, Merit Mile conducted comprehensive training sessions for Genzeon's sales, marketing, and product teams. These sessions covered the entire content of the selling and positioning guide and taught the teams how to lead a customer meeting using the new presentation. Multiple training sessions were conducted to reach the entire Genzeon team, resulting in a well-prepared and knowledgeable workforce. As a result, the Genzeon team emerged with a profound understanding of their role as a Microsoft partner, a clear grasp of the solutions they would be selling, and a readiness to engage with customers confidently.


  • Customer presentation
  • Messaging and positioning framework
  • Sales enablement guide
  • Sales enablement training sessions
  • Sales reference card
  • Solution brief
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