DXC.Technology SLMS. Simplifying cloud licensing & generating demand for worldwide Microsoft SPLA and Azure CSP Partners

DXC SLMS (DXC) provides expert advice to worldwide partners and resellers in their effort to navigate software licensing complexity in hybrid cloud environments. DXC helps its customers acquire, bill, fulfill, and manage multivendor software investments. Ultimately, this level of service enables partners to optimize end-user software investments and address the key challenges around cost and compliance.

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Situation Overview:

DXC wanted to establish a presence as a top-tier full-service Cloud services distributor in the IT Service Provider community both in the USA and in Europe. Their stated goal was to aggressively grow their Microsoft Service Provider Licensing Agreement (SPLA) reseller business while simultaneously launching their new Azure solutions via the Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) program. Essentially, DXC SLMS needed a plan of action that addressed marketplace awareness and demand generation.


To help DXC achieve its objectives, Merit Mile designed aggressive content marketing and integrated demand generation campaigns to amplify awareness of DXC’s whole suite of offerings and recruit new service provider partners.

DXC Solutions
These included

These included

  1. Designing and building the DXC Cloud Marketplace and creating supporting resources (Overview videos, Migration Plans, Solution Briefs, Datasheets, Infographics) to demonstrate domain expertise.
  2. Creating a highly targeted email marketing campaign with specific messaging around Azure migration to drive qualified service provider traffic to the new DXC Cloud Marketplace.
  3. Developing a persuasive LinkedIn demand generation campaign with thoughtful resources to recruit SPLA partners from competing resellers into DXC.
  4. Making introductions to key targeted trade media to extend the DXC message for editorial and thought leadership.
  5. Generating integrated, cross-promotional social content opportunities to help DXC participate in and even drive the cloud services, Azure and SPLA marketplace conversation.
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Although specific KPIs are non-disclosure protected, by working with Merit Mile, DXC was able to establish an identity as a full-service Cloud provider and effectively showcase their entire suite of Cloud and SPLA offerings through a thoughtfully designed online destination and custom-built marketplace. They were also equipped to deploy effective campaign strategies, hard-hitting messaging, and compelling offers to capture targeted leads and qualified prospects to support their business objectives.

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Microsoft Azure and Microsoft SPLA Results

Through the Microsoft Azure campaign, DXC generated significant demand among existing hosting providers and conducted conversations with North American and European partner prospects about the benefits of migrating workloads to Azure. The SPLA LinkedIn campaign generated awareness as well as new interest and engagement from prominent SPLA customers and the thought leadership content articles provided insight, education, and promotion of DXC’s core solutions in front of targeted audiences throughout the industry.

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