Capgemini attracts in-market buyers with laser-focused lead generation marketing campaigns

Capgemini is a Global System Integrator (GSI) leader in cloud services, digital transformation, and technology consulting. For over two decades, Capgemini has partnered with Microsoft, establishing a legacy of achievements including Microsoft’s 2021 Digital Transformation Partner of the Year. Capgemini and Microsoft teamed with Merit Mile to develop highly targeted content marketing and lead generation campaigns across key solutions.


Seeking to increase marketplace awareness and the sales pipeline for two industry solutions – no/low code application development for state and local government and data-driven relationship selling and customer insights – Capgemini sought out the experience of Merit Mile. Recognizing that both solutions have very specific buyer criteria and target company profiles, Capgemini needed to reach their audiences with laser focused approaches, content, and messaging – not with a breadth style campaign.



The linchpin of any successful marketing campaign lies in reaching the right audience with a message that strikes them at their core. Identifying this for Capgemini is where Merit Mile began. Soliciting inputs from Capgemini and Microsoft experts for the two solution areas, the campaign ingredients were defined – who are the buyers, what types of organizations, where do they exist, and how can we reach them – and organized into campaign strategies.

Tech Target

To reach qualified buyers that are actively researching these solutions, Merit Mile partnered with Tech Target, utilizing their Highly Qualified Lead (HQL) content marketing offering. The Tech Target HQL program allowed Capgemini to not only reach potential buyers that meet their criteria – title, company size, location, etc. – but more importantly, reach those doing real-time research on the solution areas with higher levels of buying intent.

To position Capgemini as a trusted and experienced leader and compel a buyer to act, Merit Mile developed high value thought leadership marketing offers. The centerpiece for each solution was a podcast style conversation with subject matter experts from Capgemini and Microsoft, moderated by an independent technology journalist. To elaborate on the topic, industry papers, marketing assets, and digital display content were produced to expand the number of engagement opportunities within the campaign.


Once the campaign content was developed, Merit Mile and Tech Target ran the campaigns over several months throughout 2021. A benefit of working with a trusted demand generation partner like Tech Target is the ability to define guaranteed lead criteria and give our clients the confidence that they will receive the types of leads they are expecting – without question.

On schedule, Merit Mile delivered against the campaign lead goals – 110 HQL’s for no/low code development and 80 for customer insights. While Merit Mile focused on campaign execution and optimization, Capgemini was able to put their time and energy into ongoing marketing nurture and seller engagement with the leads. As a bonus, Merit Mile tapped into the power of the Tech Target Priority Engine to identify over 200 additional contacts from organizations on Capgemini’s lead lists that were also performing active in-market research with high levels of intent data.

Capgemini Case Study Results

Altogether, this Capgemini content marketing and demand marketing campaign generated nearly 400 new prospect opportunities, and the program yielded a cost per lead (CPL) of ~$50.00 against the budgeted media investments. This CPL in enterprise IT lead generation was not only attractive but also represented the type of efficiency strategy marketers as well as financial officers strive for.

Deliverables included

Deliverables included

  • Campaign strategy and execution
  • Subject matter expert podcast
  • Thought leadership content
  • Social media and display banners

Quantitative Results

  • 190 High Quality Leads
  • 390 Total Leads
  • 200 Priority Contacts
  • $51.28 CPL on Media Spend
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