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Discover the biggest trends in leisure travel and consumer hospitality spending for 2020.

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Leisure Travel Marketing Trends Entering 2020

Published: December, 2019 Report Analysts: John Sternal, Partner & Director of Research
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Summary: The outlook for leisure travel in 2020 remains stable, with a relatively strong economy and labor market equating to a continued robust market entering the new decade. Other than key macro-economic factors, leisure travel presently enjoys healthy demand from a mostly stable geo-political climate internationally, as well as a domestic market that’s benefitting from a solid economy, but also healthy tourism marketing in many areas catering to all unique tastes and preferences. This report takes a look at key strategies hospitality marketers continue to evaluate for their campaigns, including consumer travel preferences, where consumers are receiving their research information, and which tools consumers are using most today when making leisure travel decisions.
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Table of Contents:

  • Executive Summary
  • Outside Influencers that Drive Buying Decisions
  • Where Should Travel Brands Focus Their Offers in 2020
  • Which Online Tools are Utilized Most for Research
  • The Importance of Reviews and Third-Party Information
  • How are Loyalty Programs Influencing Travel
  • Summary