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Discover how healthcare marketing has changed in 2020, and for the future.

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For consumer and B2B-focused healthcare companies, there has never been a better time to differentiate and succeed.

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Healthcare Marketing for Large-Scale Organizations

With projected worldwide healthcare spending at $10 trillion by 2022, according to Deloitte, there are a lot of dollars at stake (roughly $4 trillion in the US alone) in the broader healthcare industry.

Consumer or B2B-focused healthcare companies are faced with a variety of challenges and opportunities today. In short, there has never been a better time to differentiate and succeed.

Health plans, health systems, hospitals and telehealth organizations face business challenges that are often complex and multi-dimensional as a result, and the downstream consumer is typically left scratching their head.

In order to combat these realities, it’s important to invest ample time, energy, and sometimes budget to keep the various constituents surrounding your organization informed and aligned. In today’s competitive healthcare landscape, simplicity and convenience will prevail.

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Ask your team these questions to start the conversation for better customer experiences:

  1. Is our message and our marketplace differentiation understood and easy to articulate?
  2. Is our website optimized for mobile and designed with our customers/patients in mind?
  3. Is transacting with our company easy and technology-forward?
  4. Do we have a content marketing program designed to address common questions and position our organization as subject matter experts and thought leaders?
  5. Are we adding value to our community by establishing marketplace credibility via public relations and social media efforts?

Having a plan and understanding your target audience – their age, needs/wants, and preferences – should guide your marketing communications. Regularly producing content that addresses their most popular inquiries is the prescription and showcasing this content through advertising and PR is an effective way to engage prospective customers across all channels.

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Healthcare Marketing for Small Practices

For the smaller healthcare practices, perhaps with 100 staffers or less, word of mouth alone is no longer your strategy for growth. Physicians, outpatient centers and diagnostic facilities alike all face the same challenge – how do you get top of mind awareness and compel consumers to utilize your services and facilities?

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The answer lies in a multifaceted healthcare advertising and healthcare public relations program. Effective communications, digital and traditional, should be regularly developed, executed and measured. A cash-flow centric approach could be effective with highly targeted digital advertising that, over time, create a cause and effect impact on your practice. Also, getting results from a strategic public relations campaign can work in tandem with digital platforms like Facebook and Instagram. Also, community or neighborhood messaging platforms such as Nextdoor are great places to start.

Here are 3 tips for small practice healthcare marketing success

  • 1) Perform an honest SWOT analysis

    Understanding your strengths and weaknesses is key. From here you can create credible marketing messages that speak to your true value as healthcare or clinical practice. Similarly, this exercise presents an opportunity to improve your weaknesses.

  • 2) Bolster your website

    If you do nothing to your website whatsoever, be sure to optimize for mobile responsiveness. Not only is this a best practice, but also, if you don’t have a mobile responsive website, Google will penalize your site and you will have virtually zero organic visitors.

  • 3) Generate online reviews

    Like word of mouth, online reviews are effective ways to communicate highly credible marketing messages for your practice. Encourage and incentivize staff to solicit reviews from patients and capture these testimonials in your marketing materials and social media communications regularly.

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Altogether, targeting consumers specifically by location and then evolving your digital efforts into conventional walk-in traffic has never been more viable.

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Our team of healthcare marketing experts has several decades of combined experience helping clients tell their unique brand stories, modernize their marketing operation, and drive revenue and business growth.

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Large or small, Merit Mile can help you grow and stand out from the competition. We provide turn-key marketing, development, and social media services so you can focus on doing what you do best: putting amazing products in the hands of your customers.

Branding and Website Design

Branding & Website Design

Create a brand that embodies your company’s mission and engage your customers with beautiful websites optimized for mobile, video, ecommerce, and inbound traffic.

Public and Editorial Relations

Public and Editorial Relations

Develop a simple but precisely-tuned media relations program that has your brand in front of the right audiences at the right time.

Social Media

Social Media

Grow your digital presence and engage with your audience with social media content creation and analytics.

Content Marketing

Content Marketing

Publish core content and then develop “micro content” to be distributed on Instagram, Snapchat, LinkedIn, Quora, YouTube and many other social channels.

Demand Generation and Digital Media

Demand Generation and Digital Media

Attract new customers to your brand and boost sales with digital, print, email, and social media driven marketing campaigns.

Tradeshows and Events

Tradeshows and Events

Command a professional appearance with turn-key booths, signage, and videos for the key events in your market niche.