2021-2022 CPaaS Research Report: Trends and Best Practices in the CPaaS Sector

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Communications Platform as a Service: Why is it Important & Where is the 2021-2022 Market Opportunity?

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It’s no secret that CPaaS is here to stay as global implementation of this advanced messaging function is now approaching mainstream adoption by leading worldwide marketing organizations. Over the next 12-24 months CPaaS infrastructure will be readily available and consumer brands will rely on CPaaS for messaging automation, engagement, and to help improve customer experience (Cx) on the whole.

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  • The biggest challenges and opportunities facing CPaaS adoption today
  • Where and how much budget are organizations allocating to CPaaS
  • What vertical markets and industries are most readily deploying CPaaS offers
  • And more, much more

How Did Merit Mile Perform this Research?
Questions were included in a July 2021 survey of Enterprise-class organizations, business decision makers and Fortune-1000 global marketers, conducted by Merit Mile Research. The survey’s goal was to gain insights into market status and evolution, and, where possible, compare the results with other leading analyst perceptions. This year’s survey was presented to more than 2,500 executives in our target audience of business professionals globally.

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