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Automotive PR & Marketing

Outside of technology, no other industry has demonstrated such sheer evolution and innovation over the last ten years than the automotive industry. From the way dealers sell cars, the data that’s used to finance and lease cars, to all the technology in the cars themselves, automotive has transformed the American economy over the last decade.

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Because of this innovation occurring within automotive, the landscape has never been more competitive. From start-up companies to established carmakers themselves, it’s critical for brands to get noticed by their customers – whether that’s other partner companies or the end consumer.

How We Help Your Automotive Brand

Merit Mile’s PR team helps automotive brands tell their story. From press briefings and media tours in Detroit, to creative angles that capture the attention of the national consumer press, our team of PR, social and content experts help you get noticed.

Automotive PR Marketing How We Help

Our integrated approach helps you attract more customers. From results-driven, demand-gen campaigns and the interactive components that bring them to life, and creative branding that sets you apart from your competition, our specialized team of marketers drive the right results for your organization. And with our proprietary Metrix measurement and reporting platform, it’s never been easier for you to showcase campaign ROI to senior management.

Read Our Case Studies

Merit Mile works with automotive client partners to identify the right story for the press. Sometimes this involves the creation of a new message; sometimes it involves research and data; and sometimes it involves shining a spotlight on a new product. Whatever your goals may be, our team builds the right story. Read more below

Automotive PR Marketing Case Studies PR and Social Media Campaign 347% Growth

Car dealerships don’t tell car shoppers that they can get out of their car lease contracts, so it’s necessary for Swapalease to educate consumers on that possibility and the benefits of the program. We launched an aggressive media campaign that included customer success stories showcased on the local TV news channels. The result? Swapalease automotive leasing and finance program grew 347%

Automotive PR Marketing Case Studies Two

Hearst Black Book Integrated PR, Content Development, Web Design & Advertising Generated 10x PR ROI

The automotive and finance industries prove to have difficult barriers of entry into the highly targeted media outlets. We developed and executed an integrated PR and online marketing thought leadership campaign to elevate Black Book’s thought leadership position. The result? Black Book is an established go-to source for information in the automotive and auto lender industry thanks to a consistent level of press reviews that regularly generates up to 10x PR return on investment.

Automotive PR Marketing Evolve

Press Materials

  • Press Tours
  • Media Briefings
  • Message & Story Development
  • Media Relations & Interviews
  • Content Marketing & Social Media
  • Research & Surveys
  • White Papers
  • Interactive & Demand-Gen Campaigns
  • Monthly Data Index Branding

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Why Work With Merit Mile?

Automotive PR Marketing Why Work With Merit Mile
  1. Experienced and talented marketing individuals dedicate themselves to your goals and see it through to completion.
  2. We measure your success based on real data and results, not just how good the market looks.
  3. The team’s eclectic skills are combined and refined for an artistic creation of functional and thought leadership marketing.

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