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Retailers Want Digital Convergence, Hindered By Strategies: RSR Study

Amanda Molitor | Advertising | April 20, 2016

Global shopping trends have drastically been altered with the advent of e-commerce. As more and more customers are shifting to online marketplaces, retailers are considering switching to mobile and social digital strategies as an option to further expand their traditional businesses. A study by Retail Systems Research, LLC has presented several interesting findings pertaining to retailer views towards digital convergence. RSR, sponsored by SAS has been tracking retailers’ e-commerce strategies for several years, and has recently released the…

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11 Principles of Social Media Marketing

Amanda Molitor | Advertising | April 7, 2016

Social media marketing is now an integral part of marketing for a majority of companies. Digital marketers have realized the importance of social media and recommend its inclusion in main stream marketing strategies. Managing social media, however, is not an easy task. A well thought out tweet can make your content go viral, while a careless post can cost you significant sales. Presented in this article are 11 principles of social media marketing that must be followed to ensure…

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Perceptions of Concussion Treatment Options

Amanda Molitor | Advertising | April 1, 2016

What is the current perception of concussions and concussion treatment options? And are people truly informed on the issue of concussions?

Merit Mile’s research division recently presented a survey to more than 750 people throughout the U.S. to take their pulse of a number of concussion-related issues and perceptions. What’s more, the survey also aims to get a baseline understand of which pharmaceutical, neurological and research groups are taking a leadership role in the eyes of consumers.

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| Advertising | March 29, 2016

Merit Mile recently announced the expansion of its Technology Markets division with the appointment of technology veterans Scott Lindars and Earl Siamundo, both serving as Director of Technology Markets. Merit Mile’s technology focus is the agency’s longest-tenured division, focusing on B2B program strategy, demand-gen and awareness campaign executions for some of the world’s largest Fortune-100 technology brands including Microsoft, Hewlett-Packard Enterprise and Citrix Systems.  


Prior to joining Merit Mile, Lindars spent twelve years at Citrix Systems as a…

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Five Essential Ingredients of a Service Provider Marketing Plan - Part 2

Scott Lindars | Strategy | March 8, 2016

Welcome back to the Five Essential Ingredients of a Service Provider Marketing Plan. In part one, we discussed finding your unique story, defining your marketing strategy and performing a marketing assessment. In part two we bring everything together into a measurable, audience-specific marketing plan.

Step 4) Building an effective marketing plan

Now that you have defined the objectives of your marketing plan and assessed your marketing resources and capabilities, it’s time to create the plan. Four key factors of…

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Five Essential Ingredients of a Service Provider Marketing Plan - Part 1

Scott Lindars | Strategy | March 1, 2016

Let’s start with the obvious. The demand for hosted services like SaaS, DaaS and storage is steadily growing and so are the number of Managed Service Providers, hosters and channel partners providing these services. This means businesses have more choices than ever and service providers have to work even harder to win new customers and grow their business. In today’s consumer-driven, hyper-competitive market, services providers can no longer rely on just word of mouth referrals, organic leads and “me too”…

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Differentiate or Dwindle: 3 Steps For Service Providers to Stand Out in the Crowd

Scott Lindars | Strategy | February 16, 2016

Adopting cloud services is no longer a speculative if, but now a matter of when, which use cases, which business units and to which clouds or service providers. In fact, the RightScale 2016 State of the Cloud Report showed that 95% of respondents reported using some type of cloud. So why are some providers capturing more of this opportunity than others? Let’s look at three ways to ensure that your cloud business is set up for growth and leadership in…

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Value of Social Media Marketing in B2B Environments

| Advertising | January 26, 2016

In a B2B marketing environment, having a lot of users following your brand is simply not enough, we have to move focusing only on likes and followers on our social media pages. In a B2B marketing environment, user data and the first generation of social media marketing tools and technologies are the keys to marketing success. Marketers are observing a large increase in demand for B2B marketing campaigns that collect user interest and associated data, then with the help of…

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The Pop-Up Problem

| Advertising | December 17, 2015

Almost anytime you connect to the internet via an app or simply by visiting a website, you get bombarded with ads trying to distract you and entice you to buy their product or service. The ads are becoming more advanced, playing automatically and sometimes covering your entire screen, inhibiting consumers from ignoring them at all. The only way to escape the ad and get back to the preferred content is by clicking the “X”. The constant battle between consumers and…

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SMS: The New Leader in Mobile Marketing

| Advertising | November 2, 2015

One of the best things that a business can do is implement a SMS marketing strategy during the holiday season. With customers being bombarded by emails, print, TV ads, circulars, and push notifications there is no better way than to cut through all the noise and put the brand message right into the palm of their hand anywhere they go by using SMS marketing. After all, it is estimated that 85 % of people now have a mobile device, according…

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